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Cole Family Trophy

Barry Cole, long term member and original ACTVCC committee member. Barry is usually on hand to present the trophies and the club is grateful for his support over many years of service

Barry is also involved with the Australian Veteran's Cycling Council, representing the club at the AVCC
Barry Cole at presenting the trophies of the 2012 on a wet afternoon at Dog Trap Road

COLE FAMILY SECRET HANDICAP sponsored by Barry and Christine Cole  

1st Male    1st Female 2nd Male 2nd Female 3rd Male 3rd Female
1996 Ken Piper  Kathy Southgate  Graeme O’Neill  Liz Milbourne John Thornton  Lorraine Haslem 
1997 Geoff Haslem  Lorraine Haslem  Bobby Dungca  Terry Moore  Peter Gargano  Liz Milbourne 
1998 Tony McDonell  Jan Koehler  Don Moss  Chris Toohey  Memmo Zwerwer  Liz Milbourne  
1999 Nick Payne  Lorraine Haslem  Rolo Hill  Cilla Ballard  Mike Connors  Ann Scown 
2000 Peter McGhie  Heather Allsop  Frank Tonelli  Judy Scott  Bob McDonald  Liz Milbourne 
2001 Richard Bourne  Kirsty McVay  Richard Gregson  Chris Toohey  Ron Ford  Sue Bowden 
2002 Mick Crowe  Heather Allsop  Greg Berry  Lynne Evans  Jim Coyne  Sue Bowden 
2003 Terry Smith  Sue Frost  Wayne Hall  Bev Milloy  Tony Laudenbach  Chris Toohey 
2004 David Toft  Carol Stevenson  Bruce Jones  Barbara Bayliss  David Shore  Chris Toohey 
2006 Mark Gillett   Janine Ridsdale  Steve Jones  Kerry Knowler  Allan Lees  Mary Lovett 
2007 Francois Mossard Stacey Quayle  Jason Quayle  Rosemary Robinson  Lindsay Graham  Pauline Thorn 
2008 Steve Hough  Kirsti McVay  Bill Frost  Sue Powell  Michael Carr  Vanessa Goodspeed 
2009 David Gould  Rosemary Robinson   Doug Widdup  Alison Hale  Phil Martin  Cath Patterson 
2010 Jason Quayle  Peter Marshal  Damien Clarke  Terry Moore  Kerry Knowler  Rosemary Robinson 
2011 Micheal Fawke  Rosemary Robinson  Dave Hennesy  Angela Wren  Ian McVay  Pauline Thorn 
2012 Tom Hartley  Linda Banks  Ian Downing  Rosemary Robinson  Brendan Byatt  2 females entered 
2013 Richard GorellRosemary Robinson David Heasman Sue Powell Alex O’Shea 2 females entered 
2014Cameron Ermert Lynne Prentice Don Mankewich/Elton Ivers Sue Powell Craig KentwellKirsty McVay 
Paul AtyeoPauline ThornDavid Stewart-Thompson
Mark StevensonTerry MooreSeymour Savell-BossAlly RochePhilip Anderson
Barbara Bayliss

COLE SECRET HANDICAP PEDALLING GRAND PARENT sponsored by Barry and Christine Cole 

  1st 2nd 3rd
1997 C. Wilson Doug Widdup Maurice De Smet 
1998 Don Moss  Roy Bloomfield  Bob Chorley 
1999 M. Grey  John Thornton  John Graydon 
2000 Frank Tonelli  Bob McDonald  Barry Cole 
2001 Alex Sommariva  Bob McDonald  Doug Widdup  
2002  Jim Coyne  Bob McDonald  Sue Bowden 
2003 Mark Taylor     
2004 Bruce Jones     
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