• Grades are reviewed regularly by the Race Committee. For the latest grades see the RMS

    • Click through to your name or race number.

    • There you can check on your road grade, sub grade (for handicap events) and criterium grade

    • You can request a grade change through the RMS or email the

Notes from the Race Committee

    • The movement of riders both up and down grades is encouraged. This is necessary to ensure enjoyable, competitive riding with the correct balance between grades.

    • If a rider is placed in the top three positions regularly or if they are the strongest in their grade, they become eligible for promotion and will be moved to the next higher grade.

    • Riders who are dropped from their bunch regularly or riders returning from injury/sickness are encouraged to request to move down a grade.

    • Please request grade changes before race day and not at the registration desk. The registration person is not always in a position to change your grade on the race day computer

    • Riders who 'ride down' from their allocated grade should not contest the race finish in the lower grade.

    • For "handicap" events where riders start alone or in groups, the handicapper will determine positions based on recent performance.

    • Riders are encouraged to volunteer to progress to higher grades if they feel ready. Just ask to move up at the sign on desk, making sure the registration person can make the change

    • All grading decisions are at the discretion of the handicapper.