2012–13 Track Racing season wrap-up

The 2012 –13 Track Racing season at Queanbeyan Park concluded on Thursday 28 March with a wet track, pizza, drinks and awards.

Over the season we had 40 members racing, 14 Roadies and 26 Trackies. Five of the total riders were female. Despite their modest number, female riders put up strong performances and were over represented among the winners and placegetters.

During the season we held 13 different types of track events – from timed events to handicaps and scratches, individual and team events, endurance, sprint events and novelty events. From our Trackies we had 12 riders go on to compete in interstate track events and carnivals over the season, some going on to win medals or prizes. Anton Wurzer was recently awarded the ACT Cycling Federation, Male Masters Rider of the Year.

The Track season was blessed with great weather. Only two racing events were cancelled due to rain. Winds were generally still to moderate. The temperature was usually balmy. With a great venue, located in pristine parkland, it was not surprising that riders and supporters greatly enjoyed the season.

Thanks to all the participants for their support of the 2012-13 track season. Everyone helped out in some important way. A big improvement this year resulted from a program of events that was developed by Pat Rooke. This provided a variety of races that kept up the riders’ interest. Particular thanks must go to Greg Rooke for running many of the races and to Anton Wurzer for consistently arriving early and setting out the track signage. Thanks also to the ACT Vets committee members, Phil Coulton, Pat Rooke and Barbara Bayliss for their consistent support of the track racing and for all the behind the scenes work. This included booking the venue, coordinating with the Queanbeyan Council, providing a first aid kit and other support items, publishing results and taking care of the finances.

The A Grade trackies had very competitive performances during the season. Anton Wurzer, Eddie O’Farrell, Ben Davis, Paul Angelatos, Jim Davey, Brad Sellwood and Steve Dean and others were consistently fast and competitive. The females Ally Roache, Linda Stals and Pat Rooke dominated the B Grade Trackies, at least until two of the three were promoted to A Grade. Ben Robey dominated the Roadies, though Phil Coulton and Rosemary Robinson always seemed to be performing above expectation.

A special mention should be given to those riders who made a consistent effort each week to turn out for the racing. These riders include Anton Wurzer, Eddie O’Farrel, Ben Davis, Jim Davey, Ben Robey, Pat Rooke, Phil Coulton, Steve Dean, Linda Stals, James Meredith, Jeff Culnane, Rosemary Robinson and probably a few others that have been overlooked. They are responsible for the season’s success, as much as any of the other contributors.

Several riders made the transition to track bikes during the season. Once riders are bitten by the track bug, they now seem very keen to make the transition to the pure track machine.

The laurels for various competition categories were as follows:

The Track Champion 2012-13

- GOLD – (100 points) Anton Wurzer

- SILVER – (75 Points) Eddie O’Farrell

- BRONZE – (65 points) Ben Davis

The Track Champion (Roadie) 2012-13

- GOLD – (93 points) Ben Robey

- SILVER – (86 points) Phil Coulton

- BRONZE – (50 points) Rosemary Robinson

It should be noted that even though Phil ended the season as a trackie, he did all but the last event on his Road Bike.

The Club Track Championship Omnium 2012-13

- GOLD – (40 points) Linda Stals

- SILVER – (32 points) Jim Davey

- BRONZE – (30 points) Anton Wurzer

And finally, the Most Improved Rider (as voted by their peers) for 2012-13 was Jim Davey.

It has been great to continue the tradition of Track racing for 2012-13 as this style of racing is an integral part of the club’s history. Hopefully the club’s track season will continue for as long as the most uplifting venue in the country remains available.

Graeme O’Neill

Track Coordinator