2015-16 Track Results

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Please find attached latest spreadsheet of Track Results including season points and handicaps.

Narrabundah Track Racing – 18th November

The 18-Nov Track session provided perfect weather for racing. It was warm with a fresh breeze that gradually diminished as racing progressed.

The 10-lap A grade scratch race saw the bunch circulating for eight laps at a solid pace. At this point Ben Robey broke from the pack with Michael Langdon and Steve Jones in pursuit. Ben faded in the furious pursuit and Steve Jones took a comfortable win from an early lead out by Michael Langdon. Kerry Knowler and Lindy Hou started a good night, for their tandem, by taking third place. In the B grade scratch, a large bunch circulated up to the last lap when several riders attacked. Aaron Rockey took a closely contested sprint from Steve Hirsler and Alec Millett.

The evening’s second event was a 4-Lap handicap. In A grade, John-Paul DeSousa looked a good initial prospect by holding early pace to gap the field. However, Kerry Knowler, Lindy Hou, Michael Langdon and Ben Robey maintained a solid pursuit and were rewarded by a close finish in that order. In B grade, Paul Robey put up a valiant effort to hold off the pursuing bunch. However, he could not hold it for the final lap. Alec Millett, Aaron Rockey and Phil Anderson took the finish in that order.

An 8 lap Win & Out followed the handicap. With sprints every two laps, this race is very demanding on tactics. It is critical to know when to apply your best effort. In A grade Steve Jones took the first sprint for a win. Michael Langdon held a gap from the first sprint to take the second. Kerry Knowler and Lindy Hou took the third sprint with great tactics. Nathan Spillane, who was having his first track outing, showed his potential by taking the final sprint from Ben Davis. In B grade, Alec Millett took the first sprint from Steve Hirsler. Steve held the gap to take the second sprint. Ross Scutts took the third sprint and Linda Stals held off Phil Anderson to take the final sprint.

The track session closed with a combined 6 lap race in which B grade were given a half lap start on A grade. The A grade start was much better organised in comparison with the last time this event was held. However, B grade made the event interesting when Russ Scutts, Phil Anderson and Steve Hirsler worked very constructively. For the first few laps, the A grade bunch appeared to be making little inroad into the B grade lead. B grade were ultimately rewarded for their enterprise when Russ Scutts, Phil Anderson and Steve Hirsler took second to fourth place, respectively. Only Steve Jones was able to overtake this trio for the win. Steve made a huge effort with assistance by Michael Langdon and caught B grade as the bell lap commenced. Kerry Knowler and Lindy Hou continued striving and finished directly behind the B grade trio.

Major place getters were as follows: 10-Lap Scratch: (A Grade) Steve Jones, Michael Langdon, Kerry Knowler & Lindy Hou tandem; (B Grade) Aaron Rockey, Steve Hirsler, Alec Millett.

4-Lap Handicap: (A Grade) Kerry Knowler & Lindy Hou tandem, Michel Langdon, Ben Robey; (B Grade) Alec Millett, Aaron Rockey, Phil Anderson.

8-Lap Win & Out: (A Grade) Steve Jones, Michael Langdon, Kerry Knowler & Lindy Hou tandem; (B Grade) Alec Millett, Steve Hirsler, Russ Scutts.

6-Lap combined with B grade early start) Steve Jones, Russ Scutts, Phil Anderson.


Graeme O'Neill

Hi Trackies,

Please find attached the results spreadsheet for the 2015-16 Track Season.

Don't forget tonights final track session for the 2015-16 season. The club is providing free beer and nibbles and we will have the season trophy presentations. Warm up starts normally at 5.30pm. We will have a single Italian pursuit at 6.00pm followed by the season celebration.

Hope to see as many trackies as possible. The weather looks good and we need all the beer finished!


Graeme O'Neill